2020 AzHIMA 79th Annual Conference & Exhibits

November 3-4, 2020
Wigwam Resort
300 E. Wigwam Blvd.
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

The Arizona Health Information Management Association (AzHIMA) is busy making plans for our 79th Annual Convention & Exhibit. The meeting is scheduled for November 3rd – 4th at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

There are many ways you can actively show your support for AzHIMA by being present as an exhibitor, opting to be one of our valued sponsors, providing a session speaker, donating to our scholarship fund, and/or donating a prize for our fundraising raffle.

Our Annual Convention provides face-to face contact with AzHIMA members and other professionals. We had over 200 registered attendees at our 2019 meeting! Attendees represented a diverse group of HIM professionals including those working in management, privacy, security, and compliance, coding, transcription, and IT; they represented various healthcare settings such as acute and ambulatory care, educational institutions, contract coding companies, as well as Indian Health Services.

While the actual agenda and exhibit hall hours are yet to be determined, we can promise there will be dedicated time for meeting with attendees.

Whether you have exhibited at our meeting before or if you’re new to our show, we truly appreciate your support of AzHIMA, and we look forward to seeing you at our Annual Convention & Exhibit in June.

Exhibit Booths

Early Registration through July 28, 2020.

Booth: $750

Late Registration after July 28, 2020.

Booth: $900

Booth Fee Includes:


To order other items and services for your booth, click here.

Additional Tickets

Additional tickets for lunches and the Exhibitor Party may be purchased separately. Exhibitors are asked to participate in/attend the Exhibitor Party instead of taking clients out to dinner.

Extra Lunch Ticket – $30
Exhibitor Party – $40

Exhibit Schedule

Monday, November 2, 2020
4:00 PM – 900 PM – Exhibitor Booth Set-Up

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dedicated Exhibit Hall Hours
7:00 AM – 7:45 AM
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM

LUNCH (Exhibitors are invited)
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

President’s Reception (In Exhibit Hall)
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Exhibitor Party (Exhibitors are asked to attend the reception instead of taking customers out during this timeframe.)
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Dedicated Exhibit Hall Hours

7:00 AM – 7:45 AM
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Exhibitor Raffles

Lunch (Exhibitors are invited)
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Exhibitor Floor Breakdown
Not Before Noon

PLEASE NOTE: AzHIMA Exhibit Hall hours, times for lunches, and the President’s Reception are subject to change if necessitated by adjustments to the educational agenda.

Hotel Accommodations

Click here for more information on hotel.


AzHIMA’s Convention & Exhibit Sponsorships allows vendors the opportunity to promote your company’s products and services to your target audience. We offer a variety of opportunities for all budgets that provides flexibility along with access to HIM professionals and others interested in the field.

Item # 
Sponsor Level

Sponsor Level

Sponsor Level

1Full Page Ad in onsite program*
2Half Page Ad in onsite program*
3One AzHIMA eBlast sponsorship with logo and link
4Logo on cover of on-site program*
5Free booth at 2020 Annual Meeting
6Priority in booth selection
7Identified as Sponsor in booth
8Powerpoint showing company name and logo will run
before general session
9Recognition during welcome of general session
10Company logo and link on Annual Meeting website page
11Corporate Sponsor Nametag ribbon

*If sponsorship, payment and ad are received before August 1, 2020.

Corporate Sponsorship Information

Numbers in above table correlate to the numbers listed below.

1) Full page ad in on-site program – Gold sponsors are allowed to submit one full page ad to be included in the onsite program. The ad is required to be in JPEG format and submitted to AzHIMA by May 1st.

2) Half page ad in on-site program – Copper sponsors are allowed to submit one half page ad to be included in the onsite program. The ad is required to be in JPEG format and submitted to AzHIMA by May 1st.

3) One AzHIMA eBlast sponsorship with logo and link – Copper and Gold sponsors can submit their logo and website link to be included in one AzHIMA eblast sent to the members in 2020. The logo and website link must be submitted to AzHIMA by May 1st.

4) Logo on cover of on-site program – Gold sponsors can submit their logo to AzHIMA to be included on the cover of the 2020 Annual Meeting on-site program. The logo must be received by May 1st.

5) Free Booth at 2020 Annual Meeting – Gold sponsors will receive a free booth at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

6) Priority in booth selection – Copper and Gold sponsors will receive priority booth selection for the 2020 Annual Meeting Exhibitor Show.

7) Identified as a Sponsor in booth – All corporate sponsors will have a sign in their booth, identifying them as a sponsor.

8) Powerpoint showing company name and logo will run before general session – AzHIMA will display a powerpoint presentation before the general session, which will include corporate sponsor names and logos.

9) Recognition during welcome of general session – AzHIMA will recognize corporate sponsors during the general session welcome.

10) Company logo and link on Annual Meeting website page – AzHIMA will include corporate sponsor logos and a link to the sponsor website on the AzHIMA Annual Meeting website page.

11) Corporate Sponsor Nametag ribbon – AzHIMA will provide corporate sponsors a nametag ribbon indicating they are a sponsor.

Each corporate sponsor level allows for 3 company representatives. Gold levels allow for one free meeting registration for Sponsor representative.

Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities – including but not limited to: Fee for Sponsorship

Meeting Bags
(vendor supplies bags)
Actual Cost of bag (250 bags)
BPA-Free Water Bottles with Vendor Logo
(vendor supplies the bottles)
Actual Cost of water bottles (250 bottles)
Exhibitor Advertising Items (slicks, notepads, pens, etc.)
(vendor supplies item)
Photo booth, event photographer$650/each
(AzHIMA selects the band as the entertainment)
Donation of item(s) for Fundraising Raffle – item(s) to be provided by vendor
Suggested items: Standing Desk Converter (Varidesk, Versidesk,
other comparable brand); purses, gift cards, etc.

Don’t see the “right” sponsorship for you? Contact [email protected]


AzHIMA’s 79th Annual Convention & Exhibition also provides you with the unique platform to showcase your services and products in the AzHIMA Exhibit Hall which will be visited by attendees during the two day meeting.

AzHIMA is also pleased to offer advertising in the on-site convention brochure for all HIM vendors, whether they’re able to exhibit at the meeting or not. Advertising rates are as follows:

W" X H"
Exhibitor RateNon-Exhibitor Rate
Back Outside Cover8 ½ X 11 + ¼” bleed$800$1,000
Front Inside Cover7 ¼ X 10 + ¼” bleed$700$900
Back Inside Cover7 ¼ X 10 + ¼” bleed$700$900
Full Double-Page Center17 X 11 + ¼” bleed$1,300$1,500
Full Page7 ¼ X 9$600$800
Half Page7 ¼ X 4$300$500
Quarter Page3 ½ X 4$150$350
Business Card Size3 ½ X 2$75$275

AzHIMA 2020 Show Management Rules and Regulations


The Arizona Health Information Management Association, hereinafter know as AzHIMA, is a component state association (CSA) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The CSA is not a partner or agent of AHIMA. AHIMA does not review or control, and is not responsible for, any obligation the CSA may incur or any liability to which the CSA may be subject. Upon submitting a Booth/Sponsorship Application for the 2020 AzHIMA Convention & Exhibit, the exhibitor agrees to subscribe to all AzHIMA requirements, restrictions, and any other directives issued by AzHIMA. AzHIMA reserves the right to reject any and all applications at any time, for any reason or no reason at all; to reclaim any space; to have any of your representatives removed from the property for failure to conform to the Rules; to re-allot the space; and to offer requested space when available. All rights and remedies under this agreement shall be cumulative and none shall exclude any other rights and remedies allowed by law. Exhibitors in violation of the below conditions, rules, and regulations governing the convention are subject to prompt disqualification from participation in this and future conventions. Exhibitor shall comply with all conditions, rules, and regulations regarding the convention and with the requirements set forth in this and the Convention Booth/Sponsorship Application.


The exhibit is an extension of AzHIMA’s continuing education program; therefore, exhibitor’s products and services should be relevant to the health information management (HIM) profession. To exhibit at the convention, exhibitors must be in good financial standing with AzHIMA. AzHIMA has the right to refuse exhibit space rental if products, services, or displays are not compatible with the general character of the quality of the exhibit. The rules, policies, and regulations outlined on this form and the Booth/Sponsorship Application are part of the exhibitor’s contract.


Actual booth/space assignments will be available upon arrival to set up the booth on Monday, November 2, 2020. If exhibit hall space is sold out, notification will be made within 2 business days, and the organization applying to exhibit will be placed on a waiting list.


The rental fee per 8’ X 10’ is $750 for 1(one) booth reserved on or before July 28, 2020 and $900 for 1 (one) booth reserved on or after July 28, 2020. Additional booths (same Exhibitor) are $700 each.


Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to them and may not advertise or display goods or services other than those manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of their business.


Monies to be refunded are based upon total booth space fees. Even if monies have not been paid in full at the time of cancellation, the appropriate amount due or to be refunded will be calculated based on the refund schedule listed here. Monies could still be due. Notification of cancellation must be in writing and received on or before the dates listed.


Payment for exhibit space should be made by credit card at the time the application is submitted, though arrangements can be made to pay by check. Please see the application/registration for further information. A receipt for the registration and payment will be provided via email to the Primary Booth Contact.


AzHIMA has the right to cancel allocated booth space upon reasonable cause or due to events that make performance impossible. In the event of such an occurrence, AzHIMA will provide written notification and agrees to negotiate in good faith toward refund.


In the event the 79th Annual AzHIMA Convention and Exhibit is cancelled due to disasters, strikes, government regulations, or causes preventing its scheduled opening or continuation, AzHIMA and its exhibitors agree this agreement will be terminated. Considering expenditures and commitments already made, AzHIMA will determine refunds on an equitable basis.


In the event of a merger of two or more exhibiting companies, the following rules will apply: One main contact will be designated by the purchasing company to AzHIMA, for all related correspondence and questions. The exhibit booth will have one identity both in the physical space and in the on-site program. A courtesy listing (example” ABC Company – see World Alliance) will be provided if requested in writing In the event of mergers or buyouts only, an additional listing can be purchased for each company now under the umbrella organization. The listing will be limited to the company description and product listing sections only. These additional listings are subject to the approval of AzHIMA and available only in the event of a merger, buyout, or the like. The same cancellation policy of fees and dates will apply to the mergers regardless of the ability of AzHIMA to resell the booth space.


Installation begins at 4:00 PM on Monday, November 2, 2020 and must be completed not later than 9:00 PM on the same date. Dismantling begins at the show’s close on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at noon. Exhibitor booth space must be staffed during the specified exhibit hall hours with complete display intact. Companies dismantling prior to show close may lose their right to exhibit the following year. NOTE: The exhibitor assumes all financial responsibility for installation and dismantling of the exhibit. Times are subject to minor change depending upon changes to the education schedule of the show.


Exhibitor participation will be limited to those companies whose products or services are of specific interest to those attending the convention. Any products/services that are not listed on the application to exhibit or which do not relate to the purpose of the convention may not be exhibited at the convention.

Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any portion of their allocated space. Exceptions are made for those organizations with an existing formal partnership outside the exhibition. In addition, exhibitors may not advertise or display products or services other than those manufactured or sold in their regular business. Exhibitor company descriptions in the on-site program will be limited to one company name and identity listing regardless of affiliations or mergers. (See Mergers, item VIII.)

Exhibitors may not display or distribute the following items outside their assigned booth space: signs, brochures, flyers, samples, advertising devices, or similar items, nor shall they peddle, canvas, solicit, or distribute handbills or flyers (outside their booth spaces). Any materials deemed inappropriate by AzHIMA shall not be distributed. Demonstrations must be administered within the confines of the contracted exhibit space. Special promotional activities or entertainment are not an exception.


Exhibitors are permitted to sell products directly to attendees from their booths on the exhibit floor. All exhibitors selling merchandise from the show floor or taking orders on either a wholesale or retail basis are responsible for obtaining the appropriated business license(s) and for paying all applicable state and local taxes.


Only registered attendees, exhibitors, facility, and AzHIMA staff will be admitted to the exhibit hall. No other persons, including sponsors who do not also have either an exhibit booth or a paid attendee registration, will be given access to the hall, including those wishing to demonstrate products, distribute advertising material, canvass, network, solicit orders, request participation in unauthorized surveys, recruit personnel, or any other activity.


Neither AzHIMA nor the facility, nor any of their officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, shall be held accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby released from any accountability or liability for any claim, damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person or any property of the Exhibitor, or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from the Exhibitor’s use of the facility or from theft, fire, water, accident, or any other cause, including, but not limited to, claims arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omission of Exhibitor or any of its officers or agents (including any Exhibitor appointed contractor), that causes or results in (1) damage to, or destruction of, property of any part, and/or (2) death or injury to persons, and neither the AzHIMA nor the facility shall be obligated to obtain insurance against any such claim, damage, loss, harm, or injury. It is understood and agreed that all property of Exhibitor shall remain in the Exhibitor’s custody and control in transit to or from, or within the facility. It is understood between the Exhibitor and AzHIMA that AzHIMA provides an opportunity for Exhibitor to display his product or service to persons attending the Convention. Exhibitor understands and agrees that AzHIMA cannot guarantee either attendance, sales by Exhibitor or climatic or other conditions outside or inside the facility.


All flammable materials must be flame-proofed before being placed in the Exhibit Hall. All materials and installations are subject to fire and safety regulations in force by state and/or city fire authorities. Exhibits must provide certification of flame-proofing if requested by facility management or the fire department. Volatile or flammable fluids, substances, or materials of any nature, prohibited by city fire regulations or insurance carriers are prohibited in the booth space.


Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and protect AzHIMA and the facility, and hold and save those parties against and from, any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss, costs, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind or nature which may result from or arise out of Exhibitor’s use of the facility or any action or failure to act of the Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, including, but not limited to (1)any claims of damage or loss to property, or from or out of any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person of the Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives; (2) any claims or liability by or to third parties arising out of conduct or omissions which are in breach of Exhibitor’s obligations under this agreement; or (3) any claims arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omissions of Exhibitor or any of its officers or agents that causes or results in damage to, or destruction of, property of any party, and/or death or injury to persons.


All property of the Exhibitor is understood to remain under its custody and control in transit to and from or within the confines of the facility. AzHIMA and the facility do not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor’s property. Exhibitors shall carry Comprehensive General Liability, including premises, operations, and contractual liability coverage of at least $500,000 for Property Damage Liability and Statutory Workers’ Compensation insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws, and covering all of the exhibitor’s employees with coverage of at least $100,000 per injury. Every Exhibitor is required to have a certificate of insurance, and to name AzHIMA as an additional insured. A certificate of insurance must be made available to AzHIMA upon request prior to and/or on-site at the Convention.


Exhibitors are responsible for damage to uncrated or improperly packed shipments, concealed damage, and loss or theft of material after delivery to booth or before material is picked up for return movement. It is expressly understood that the Exhibitor will make no claim of any kind against AzHIMA for any loss, damage, or destruction of goods, nor for any damage of any nature to their business by reason of the failure to provide space for any Exhibitor or removal of the exhibit


Each booth space must be left in its original condition. Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to its exhibit space or to other exhibitor’s property. Exhibitor may not mar, tack, make holes, or apply paint or lacquer, adhesives, or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment. If Exhibitor fails or refuses to restore the booth to the above-described condition on or before the end of the exhibition period, AzHIMA will restore and recover cost of so doing from the Exhibitor.


Exhibitor agrees to cooperate with any security programs adopted for the Convention facility, including, without limitation, procedures and limitations established for the movement of personal property and persons into and out of the Convention facility and the floor the booth space is on. AzHIMA specifically reserves the right to control ingress to and egress from the area at all times. AzHIMA reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or persons including children, exhibitors, attendees, and visitors in the interest of welfare and safety. Exhibit Hall will be closed and locked each evening. Neither AzHIMA nor the Facility will be responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property belonging to any exhibitor, their agents, employees, business invitees, visitors, or guests. Each exhibitor is required to carry their own insurance. Every exhibitor should have a certificate of insurance for general liability in their possession at the convention and name AzHIMA as an additional insured. We strongly recommend that you do not leave any valuables (such as laptops, flat screen monitors, etc.) unattended in your booth.


Exhibitor represents and warrants (1) that its exhibit will be accessible to the full extent required by law; (2) that its exhibit will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and with any regulations implemented by the ADA; and (3) that is shall indemnify and hold AzHIMA harmless from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses that may be incurred by or asserted against AzHIMA, its officers, directors, agents, or employees on the basis of the exhibitor’s breach of this paragraph or noncompliance with any of the provisions of the ADA.


It is the policy of the facility that no beverages or food, other than candy given out at the booth, may be brought into the facility/exhibit hall from the outside. Any food and/or beverages must be purchased through the facility’s catering department. This includes bottled water. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to contact the facility to make arrangements for any food/beverage purchase.


The pre-registered attendee list is available to those companies who have registered and paid for a booth and/or sponsorship. Electronic access to the list will be provided via URL access. The list will include information on registrants/attendees who have not opted of having their information included in such list.


Exhibiting companies may conduct giveaways, raffles, or drawings for prizes within their booths. AzHIMA may refuse, at its sole discretion, raffles, drawings, or distribution of materials it considers objectionable or in conflict with opportunities provided by AzHIMA (this includes any scavenger hunts, fill out game boards, etc.) Giving away samples or promotional items should not interfere with other exhibitors. Exhibitors must confine their activities to their own booth spaces during exhibit hall hours. All activities outside standard booth activities must be approved by AzHIMA, in writing, in advance of the convention.


Admittance to the Exhibit Hall is limited to registered convention/conference attendees, and individuals and/or business firms who have contracted and paid for booth space; No other persons will be permitted access to the Exhibit Hall for the purpose of demonstrating their products, distributing advertising material, canvassing, soliciting orders, personnel recruitment, soliciting participation in unauthorized surveys for any other purpose. Violation of this rule will result in expulsion from the Exhibit Hall.


Only exhibiting companies may host meetings or special events at the AzHIMA Convention (including the host facility and properties in close proximity to the host facility.) No exhibitor or group of exhibitors may sponsor any event that conflicts with AzHIMA’s sponsored programs during the convention. Any function not approved by AzHIMA which would compete for attendees’ time, whether during the Exhibit Hall hours, educational sessions, general sessions, or programs, is expressly prohibited.


Exhibitors’ badges are personal and not transferable. Each representative of an exhibiting company must wear the official badge at all times while in the Exhibit Hall. It is the responsibility of all Exhibitors to restrict customer contact and business activities to be within the confines of the allocated exhibit space. No demonstrations or distribution of literature, etc. is permitted in the aisles or outside the exhibit space. Two Exhibit badges are included with each paid booth registration. Exhibitors may purchase additional badge for additional Exhibitor personnel. Exhibitors are limited to a maximum of five badges per booth.


All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of AzHIMA. These regulations may be amended at any time by AzHIMA and all amendments that may be so made shall be equally binding on all parties affected by them, as are the original regulations. In the event of any amendments or additions to these regulations, written notice will be given by AzHIMA to such Exhibitors as may be affected by them.


AzHIMA will be taking photographs throughout the Convention & Exhibit event. It is understood that AzHIMA may use such photographs of Exhibitor personnel or Exhibitor property with or without names and for any lawful purpose such as publicity, marketing, illustrations, advertising, and Web content.


AzHIMA shall have full power to interpret and/or amend rules and to make any additional rules and regulations which in its discretion shall be in the best interest of the convention. No modification, waiver, or amendment to this agreement shall be binding unless such modification, waiver, or amendment is in writing and signed by both parties. Submission of this instrument for examination shall not bind AzHIMA in any manner, and no obligation on AzHIMA shall arise until this instrument is signed and delivered by AzHIMA and exhibitor. Exhibitors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws, codes, rules, regulations, and ordinances in force from time to time affecting booth space or exhibitors’ activities therein.


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