AzHIMA Nominating Committee – Nominate Someone Today

AzHIMA Members:

Because the 2021 AzHIMA Annual Meeting will be held virtually, we are not able to conduct the AzHIMA Annual Business Meeting in June as we have historically done. In the past, during the business meeting, we have asked for nominations for the AzHIMA Nominating Committee and then would vote on those nominations, selecting 3 people as committee members.

Since we can’t meet in person in June, the AzHIMA Board is asking for nominations for the 2021-2022 AzHIMA Nominating Committee via survey monkey. Please submit your nomination by clicking here. Self-nominations are welcome. The deadline for nominations is June 30, 2021. After the nomination deadline, members will receive a separate email that will allow them to vote for the Nominating Committee candidates.

A summary of the committee’s responsibilities, along with the time commitment, is below. Should you have any questions please click here to contact the AzHIMA Central Office.


The committee is led by the AzHIMA Past President. The purpose of this committee is to recruit THE MOST qualified ballot nominees for the upcoming AzHIMA Board of Directors (BOD) year, facilitate the voting process, and report results in accordance with the AzHIMA Bylaws. The Past-President will assume the Nominating Committee Chairman position. All committee meetings are held virtually using WebEx.

Estimated Time Commitment:

Committee activities begin in July at the Annual Convention. Estimated time commitment – 2-3 hours/month.