Job Board

Web Banner Ad

Ad (no larger than 468 x 57) on the main navigation pages (e.g., About, Colleges and Careers, Job Board, etc.).

Banner specifications: Must be no larger than 468 x 57. Electronic artwork should be submitted in the following formats: GIF, JPEG, or PNG. For all options, storage should be at 72 dpi with indexed color. Adjust for sharpness, color balance, and contrasts if necessary. GIFs should not be transparent. Animated GIFs should be web-ready and have a time sequence of 10 seconds or less.

Artwork must be submitted via email to at the time of submission.

Note: All artwork must be web-ready at the time of submission.

1 Month – $200
3 Months – $500
6 Months – $900
9 Months – $1200
12 Months – $1700

Email Blast Sponsorship

Your company logo and “tagline” are included at the bottom of an AzHIMA eblast. CAHIIM Approved Schools in AZ can also take advantage of this sponsorship opportunity.

Logo needs to be in the following formats: GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Description may not exceed 150 characters. Please include website URL.

A minimum of one email blast per month is sent out.

Email blasts are not guaranteed to be solo sponsorships.

1 Email – $200
3 Emails – $500
6 Emails – $900
9 Emails – $1200
12 Emails – $1700